District 9NC Leadership

District Governor: Mike Ravera,

1st Vice District Governor: Vacant

2nd Vice District Governor: Vacant

Immediate Past District Governor: Stanley Johnson

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Cabinet Secretary: Michael Nissly

Cabinet Treasurer: Michael Nissly

Zone Chairperson, R1 Z1: Vacant

Zone Chair R2 Z1: Dennis Reidel

Zone Chairperson, R3 Z2: Tasha Finch

Zone Chairperson, R3 Z3: Keith DeVries

Zone Chairperson, R4 Z1:

Zone Chairperson, R4 Z2: Vacant

Alert Chairperson: Larry Olk

Campus Chairperson: Vacant

Care & Share Chairperson: Bud Young

Centennial Coordinator: Kristin Buehner

Constitution Chairperson: Ken Reed

Convention Co-Chairperson : David and Judy Dannen

District Chaplin: Kim Wills

Diabetes Awareness Chairperson : Don Jones

Global Leadership Coordinator: Vacant

Global Membership Coordinator: Michael J. Nissly

Global Leadership Coordinator: Vacant

Global Service Coordinator: Gary Shontz

Care & Share Co-Chair: Dixie Scherff

Care & Share Co-Chair: Michael Nissly

Information Technology Chairperson: Vacant

Convention Chair: Marian Gehris

Iowa KidSight Chairpersons: LIsa Prochaska

Iowa Lions Foundation Trustee : Darwin Meyer

Iowa Lions Foundation Trustee: Kristen Buehner

LCIF Chairperson: Darwin Meyer

Leader Dog Chairperson: Lois Jones

Nominating Committee Chairperson: Ron Hankom

Opportunities Chairpersons: Becky Wachowiak

Peace Poster Chairperson: Linda Reed

Rules Chairperson: Lisa Prochaska

Trading Pin Chairperson: Vacant